Lives and works in Paris (FR)

Viktor Benev, born in 1990 in Sofia, is a bulgarian percussion player and composer. Born right after the fall of the Berlin wall and the major political changes in Bulgaria he became part of a generation of musicians exposed to a great variety of musical genres from an early age. His music seeks to incorporate this rich compound of influences. Having a classical and further on, a jazz music education, makes composed music material and improvisation naturally coexist in his compositions. Viktor currently works in the domain of the electroacoustic music. He associates sound design, field recording and computer generated music with live performance.

In 2019, Viktor has co-founded the label enovae, together with bilyana furnadzhieva. The label has since released three albums - Aerial Perspectives, Motions in circuits and Aeon, as well as three singles - Viktor Benev's Obscurus and Unknown (feat. TromBobby) and Crystal sound project's My Lover's Hands (feat. Aida Nosrat), which was a nominated finalist in 2020's edition of the Independent Music Awards.

Viktor is involved in the collaborative Crystal sound project together with the visual artist bilyana furnadzhieva, founded in 2016. Sculptures in porcelain charged with metal oxydes interact with musical ideas to create an immersive audio-visual space. The project creates a common ground for experimentation between various cultures, languages and art forms. Current collaborators include Selma Savolainen (Finland), Artëm Naumenko (Russia), Aïda Nosrat (Iran), Babak Amir Mobasher (Iran), Lea Lu (Switzerland), Axel Rigaud (France), Petko Tanchev (Bulgaria).
The first album of Crystal sound project was released in 2018 and recorded, mixed and mastered by renowned french Victoire de la Musique winner engineer Philippe Teissier du Cros. The music from the album, as well as new material have been presented at numerous important venues, such as the Ancient Roman Theater in Plovdiv, Château de Vincennes, La Musée de Minéralogie Mines ParisTech, La Générale (pour la programmation officielle de la Nuit Blanche 2018 à Paris).

As a percussionist and contemporary music supporter Viktor is part of the Youth Percussion Pool since its foundation in 2009. A percussion ensemble curated by Tatiana Koleva, which has toured across Europe premiering different contemporary music programmes, often written especially for the project. The ensemble has been curated on the Grachten Festival, November Music Festival, Bimhuis, Varna Summer Festival, March Music Days Festival, etc.


Masters degree in Jazz and Improvised Music in the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris (FR)
Erasmus exchange program with percussion at the Conservatory of Strasbourg (FR)
Studies percussion and composition at the National Academy of Music in Sofia (BG)
Studies percussion at the Conservatory of Strasbourg (FR)
Professional degree in percussion from the National School of Music in Sofia (BG)




Grant for recording a debut album with the jazz trio Via Mavis by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture
Nominated finalist in the category Eclectic song at the 18th edition of the Independent Music Awards with Crystal sound project's single My Lover's Hands (feat. Aida Nosrat)
Scholarship for recording an album of the Nguyen Thien Dao Foundation
Scholarship of the Meyer Foundation and the L’Or du Rhin Foundation
Scholarship of the Legs Jabès
Scholarship of the Fonds Tarrazi and the Legs Saint-Paul
Master class of Milcho Leviev The concept of improvisation . prize best participant
International competition for percussion Pendim . 1st prize, special prize for a vivid stage presence, special prize of Tatiana Koleva and Pustjens Percussion Products
Competition for percussion Young musical talents . 2nd prize
International competition for percussion Pendim . 1st prize
International competition Music and Earth . special prize with percussion ensemble Snejinka


Via Mavis . Aerial Perspectives
Viktor Benev . Aeon
Viktor Benev . Motions In Circuits
Crystal sound project . Crystal sound