Viktor Benev - Aeon (2020) - digital

The multiple meanings of the word Aeon—life, being, timeless or eternity—form the foundation of a work of endless sound transmutations. The music is a linear 40-minute-long unfolding of the mystery that lies underneath the soundscapes, the underlying frequencies and their interaction with harmony, and the limitless rhythmical transformations, that keep us in a disturbing, yet peaceful state. Though the five tracks could be listened to separately, the album was conceived as a "suite" to be encountered as a whole. Just as life and the eternal struggle of becoming better with each day, the music goes through different phases to finally transcend the listener and nourish him/her through sound before disappearing into silence.

For the author, music creation is a way of being, a way to grasp the enigma that surrounds life. Another connection to the title. Transformed into sound that partly questions our perception, the music puts us in a specific state related to the time and circumstances of the creation process. Like a still life, a photograph or a painting that captures the moment, it makes a sound imprint of that particular period of time, which then becomes timeless.

Similar to Viktor's first album Motions in circuits soft-synths and acoustic instruments sample libraries correlate. As this work was done during the confinement due to the Covid-19 crisis in 2020 (the whole album was recorded in just a week), all of the work was done on a computer and all the parts were played through midi controllers and recorded in Ableton Live, leaning upon the sampling work of renowned companies including Spitfire Audio, Soniccouture, U-He, TAL Software, XLN Audio, discoDSP and Arturia. All the synthesizer sounds were designed by the author using digitalized versions of analog synthesizers, processed in various effect chains.


"...[Aeon] was a unique journey and one that Benev pulled off with aplomb. Having played it through, his note about taking in the work as a whole makes perfect sense, and has certainly rewarded this listener."

Dino DiMuro - Divide and Conquer