Viktor Benev - motions in circuits (2019) - digital

"In this work the main subject is human’s identity. In today’s world of social media, internet and digital productions people tend to forget reality and lose their personalities. Sucked in the massive flow of information we forget who we are and what we like. Having so many possibilities is great, but making choices becomes extremely difficult. As media is actively playing a role to pointing us what we should think, we often neglect our own reflections and conclusions. The lyrics and the titles in the album are there to question the problems in today’s society - ecology, virtual world vs. real world, the unwillingness to take the hard path and face the difficulties in order to make your ideas real. The role of the electric currents that compose this album is to create motions in your usual circuits, to force your will to see the world differently and hopefully make you change."

In the music composition process circuit is taken as a metaphor for the confined space and time in which a musical composition is played by electricity. The specific length, the dynamic variations provoked by voltage, the modulation and filtering of frequencies become the most important compositional elements.

The combination of the composer's imagination and all the contemporary technical possibilities create precisely synchronized rhythmic motions in circuits. Human and computer interact in an acoustic and electronic, sound and noise dialogue.

. Papillon de nuit . notes

"This piece is conceived as a medium ensemble classical piece where the melody and two different ostinatos are in constant interaction. The Natural sounding environment is installed since the beginning of the piece through the means of the crackling noises in the background (which are in fact onion skins recorded with a microphone) and the first ostinato played on a log drum. The soft harmony adds for the peacefulness of the track. I've designed a sound close to a bass clarinet on TAL's noisemaker synth. All of the accompaniment is there. It's time for the rest of the ensemble to enter with the main melody, which is played by different "members", in my case, different instruments and timbers. Firstly, it is played by vibraphone and piano. The second time the melody comes, a VOX organ joins the group. Some crystalline high-pitched noises come to make the transition to the second ostinato, which goes higher, as the tension of the piece grows accordingly. Another TAL synth sound I made with a portamento "flies" in the high register until it settles down to create a highly resonant background in the middle frequencies. The "tutti" of the piece and the revelation of the complete score takes place around 3:25 bringing together the whole ensemble with 6 different instruments playing the main melody, joined by the low-end bass that beautifully completes the whole harmony.
Papillon de nuit is a piece about the beauty of Nature, of having something as peculiar as a caterpillar evolve into something as magnificent as the night moth. It's an aspiration to what a human's life is all about - becoming better and better, until you manage to create something as beautiful as a night moth to leave for the world."